Friday, April 28, 2006

Fibonacci Fisher - The Smithy Code Revealed

The answer is: "Jackie Fisher, who are you? Dreadnought."

John Fisher was First Sea Lord of the Royal Navy who (among other innovations) tried to get the British to go for fast, heavily gunned, but lightly armored battlecruisers, (bad idea; see HMS Hood) but was forced to realize that vision as a class of battleships, the first being the HMS Dreadnought, launched on February 10, 1906, 100 years before the DaVinci Code copyright infringement trial began.

The code was cracked by Dan Tench using the Fibonacci sequence, a number series described in The DaVinci Code. The Fibonacci sequence can also describe the Golden Mean, which also describes the curve of a nautilus shell.


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Cool Judge Stuff, a/k/a the "Smithy Code"

The Honourable [sic] Mr. Justice Peter Smith was the Judge in the DaVinci Code copyright infringement trial. On April 7, in a 71-page ruling, he decided that there was no infringement.

Recently attorneys noticed some odd errors in the document; randomly spaced throughout the document are italicized letters.
The first ten italicized letters spell "smithy code."

Quoth Judge Smith, this is "something more than a typo." He also noted that a sentence in paragraph 52 might provide a hint:

The key to solving the conundrum posed by this judgment is in reading HBHG and DVC.
HBHG is "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" and DVC is "The DaVinci Code." Perhaps the judge is throwing the losers a bone by trying to get people to buy their book.

Get crackin'...

Jack (back?)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

From Stupid Girl to Marriage of Figaro

You got to love my music tastes. I'm sitting here getting ready for court tomorrow listening to Pink's latest album (i know cd but I still call them albums, hell i still own some albums) and tonight i'm going to the opera. One of our Lawyers is on the Board. Jack's going too with his wife. This is the first date he's taken her on in this century. For the love of god! Poor woman! Jack is wondering if he'll see Bugs Bunny in it tonight. Aghhhhhhhhh. That's all folksss!!!


Monday, April 10, 2006

pro se nightmare

Okay so my client decided on last monday to go pro se. That lasted through out pretrial and voir dire. He asked all of two questions to the potential voirmen and then sat down. The State's attorney had never tried a case so his wasn't much better. It was PAINFUL,. After the first and most important witness was called Mr. Pro se half way through cross decided that maybe he shouldn't have represented himself. For some reason the Judge was making him follow the rules of criminal procedure and evidence. At the end of the witness i was reappointed as counsel and given a night to get ready to finish the last two witness and then give closing. The jury found him guilty since he showed characteristics that the alleged suspect had. If he had not spoken would not have been obvious. But after arguing in closing the jury gave him the minimum with his history. The State's attorney was not happy but mr. pro se was so it was a good week.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

New Week new trial

Does it seem to anyone but me that my life is revolving around trial dates right now. I've got this week one next week and then I get a couple of weeks off before my next one. Jack and Chrissy are about to smack me. I keep telling them the tide will change and then i'll be the one covering for them. My latest client has writting to the Judge asking for a new attorney because i'm not representing him and refuse to share any of the evidence with him. The Judge told him he had three options: hire a private attorney, represent himself, or keep me. Of course the Judge didn't ask for a response from me which would have put on the record that a) he's had his discovery since before his probable cause hearing; b) I've seen him 6 times this month and c) he's gotten to trial within 4 months of arrest. So on Friday when I had a motion hearing before the trial I got my motions granted precluding the district attorney from using five out of six prior felony convictions in the trial. This also allows the sentencing range to be reduced. As soon as the motion hearings were done he requested the Judge to allow him to represent himself. I'm still not representing him. As he was requesting this, he was holding a manilla envelope that held copies of all motions that were going to be filed in his trial. After a short discussion with the Judge he decided with his two year high school education maybe he shouldn't go up against a district attorney. Oh the joys of being appreciated. Yet i'm still here on Sunday making sure everything is ready to rock and roll for his trial.

ON a happy note one of our attorneys found to stray puppies and took them to a local animal saving center. The center named them PD and Con. They sent us an article that was just written where both puppies were featured and adopted by a family. Little does the family know that their puppies true names are public defender and convict. hee heee