Friday, January 19, 2007

New Blood

Meet Terri:

From her bio:
upscale image and zany personality...falls into place with the rest of the crowd...very serious about her career...wise-cracking upbeat character...

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Get to know the three's company gang

Okay blonde justice put in her four truths and one lie so i've gotten the three's company together to see how much we know of each other. Can you guess which one is not true. Here goes for me:
1. I'm related to Elvis.
2. I have never flashed anyone at Mardi Gras.
3. I got stuck in a blizzard in Iceland.
4. I make Jack and Terri play "I love the 80's" board game on slow afternoons
5. I have tipped a cow and climbed a water tower.


1. I can place an unopened can of beverage on my head and without using my hands, drink it.
2. The first time I had Chinese food I was in Copenhagen.
3. I can read Anglo-Saxon.
4. I danced in the street when Ronald Regan was first elected president.
5. I’m an AWS certified welder.


1. I have approximately six extra teeth in my mouth.
2. I have studied Spanish, French and Russian.
3. I was an intern in the Clinton Whitehouse.
4. I find clowns extremely disturbing( and I don't mean the Bush administration, I mean actual for real, red nosed, white make-up wearing clowns .)
5. I enjoy extreme remote wilderness camping.

Terri (a/k/a the girl who replaced Chrissy)

Nature relecting life

I have clients that blame drugs and alcohol for their problems with the law. Being a Gen Xer, yes I am, although from the older end of the spectrum, I feel that people make choices and there choices are why they have problems that cause there files to end up on my desk. I may have to start rethinking my logic. I recently saw a documentary from a nature show. Maybe i'm wrong.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Green Day: "Punk, Twice Removed"

There was some discussion today after court about people's favorite/most formative albums - one of the newer DA's mentioned Green Day's "Dookie" and having been really into punk like that.

Punk like that? Green Day? Punk?

One of these bands is not like the others...
One of these bands just doesn't belong:
The Ramones - The Clash - Buzzcocks - Stiff Little Fingers - Black Flag - Circle Jerks - Dead Kennedys - Cockney Rejects - Green Day - Bikini Kill - Rancid

Rancid and Bikini Kill are about the same era as Green Day, so I don't think it's just me being old, grumpy and not open to new music (the other bands, however, are a telling 25-30 (!) years old...)

I guess Green Day could be punk in the same way Adam Ant and Avril Lavigne were/are called punk. Is punk-pop a contradiction in terms? Or maybe emo-pop, like Weezer? Or a softer version of whatever Bad Religion and Offspring are? (I guess since Suicidal Tendencies are punk, that makes The Offspring almost-punk, then Green Day could be almost-almost punk, or "punk, twice removed")

Heck, what's in a name? Whatever it is, Green Day just fades into the placid vanilla haze - "Punk" has to get your adrenaline pumping, and at its best, your brain socially and politically engaged. Green Day gets the brain going occasionally, but so did Simon and Garfunkel, occasionally.

Thus endeth the Rant.

And my formative album, after broadening beyond the Simon and Garfunkel, Neil Diamond and John Denver that mom and dad played?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lady sings the Blues

You just got to love Billie Holiday. Well the midwest is taking a beating and i'm back at work after a three day weekend. I don't do well with free time. The sun is out so maybe the cold weather is taking a break today. Feel bad for the people in Colorado and Oklahoma they need a break and a 75 degree weather day. Life is trotting along. Getting ready for a three trials next week cause its always feast or famine. If we can get our new three out of trial she'll be joining the blog and Jack and I will be better promise.