Sunday, April 02, 2006

New Week new trial

Does it seem to anyone but me that my life is revolving around trial dates right now. I've got this week one next week and then I get a couple of weeks off before my next one. Jack and Chrissy are about to smack me. I keep telling them the tide will change and then i'll be the one covering for them. My latest client has writting to the Judge asking for a new attorney because i'm not representing him and refuse to share any of the evidence with him. The Judge told him he had three options: hire a private attorney, represent himself, or keep me. Of course the Judge didn't ask for a response from me which would have put on the record that a) he's had his discovery since before his probable cause hearing; b) I've seen him 6 times this month and c) he's gotten to trial within 4 months of arrest. So on Friday when I had a motion hearing before the trial I got my motions granted precluding the district attorney from using five out of six prior felony convictions in the trial. This also allows the sentencing range to be reduced. As soon as the motion hearings were done he requested the Judge to allow him to represent himself. I'm still not representing him. As he was requesting this, he was holding a manilla envelope that held copies of all motions that were going to be filed in his trial. After a short discussion with the Judge he decided with his two year high school education maybe he shouldn't go up against a district attorney. Oh the joys of being appreciated. Yet i'm still here on Sunday making sure everything is ready to rock and roll for his trial.

ON a happy note one of our attorneys found to stray puppies and took them to a local animal saving center. The center named them PD and Con. They sent us an article that was just written where both puppies were featured and adopted by a family. Little does the family know that their puppies true names are public defender and convict. hee heee


Blogger Sanchovilla said...

I love it! PD and Con...good stuff.

4/04/2006 7:13 PM  

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