Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Cool Judge Stuff, a/k/a the "Smithy Code"

The Honourable [sic] Mr. Justice Peter Smith was the Judge in the DaVinci Code copyright infringement trial. On April 7, in a 71-page ruling, he decided that there was no infringement.

Recently attorneys noticed some odd errors in the document; randomly spaced throughout the document are italicized letters.
The first ten italicized letters spell "smithy code."

Quoth Judge Smith, this is "something more than a typo." He also noted that a sentence in paragraph 52 might provide a hint:

The key to solving the conundrum posed by this judgment is in reading HBHG and DVC.
HBHG is "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" and DVC is "The DaVinci Code." Perhaps the judge is throwing the losers a bone by trying to get people to buy their book.

Get crackin'...

Jack (back?)


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