Monday, April 10, 2006

pro se nightmare

Okay so my client decided on last monday to go pro se. That lasted through out pretrial and voir dire. He asked all of two questions to the potential voirmen and then sat down. The State's attorney had never tried a case so his wasn't much better. It was PAINFUL,. After the first and most important witness was called Mr. Pro se half way through cross decided that maybe he shouldn't have represented himself. For some reason the Judge was making him follow the rules of criminal procedure and evidence. At the end of the witness i was reappointed as counsel and given a night to get ready to finish the last two witness and then give closing. The jury found him guilty since he showed characteristics that the alleged suspect had. If he had not spoken would not have been obvious. But after arguing in closing the jury gave him the minimum with his history. The State's attorney was not happy but mr. pro se was so it was a good week.


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