Thursday, March 16, 2006

Quest for new trial

I had a murder trial a while ago that I ended up finding out that juror misconduct occurred. I filed my motion and have turned over the affidavit to the Judge and the district attorney. I have now a date certain for the actual hearing and the Judge did the right thing my passing sentencing so my client still has a chance. Juror misconduct happens a lot and 99 % of the time you don't figure it out or have no proof. My client as all clients deserve a trial based only on the facts in the courtroom not a redneck who thinks he can tell the little lady all about guns. Okay, I'm still trying to get over the bitterness. Knowing my propensities, I've brought on an appellate attorney to handle the motion hearing. When in an office of seasoned veterans why would you not call on the expertise of others who have already traveled down the road?


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