Thursday, January 18, 2007

Get to know the three's company gang

Okay blonde justice put in her four truths and one lie so i've gotten the three's company together to see how much we know of each other. Can you guess which one is not true. Here goes for me:
1. I'm related to Elvis.
2. I have never flashed anyone at Mardi Gras.
3. I got stuck in a blizzard in Iceland.
4. I make Jack and Terri play "I love the 80's" board game on slow afternoons
5. I have tipped a cow and climbed a water tower.


1. I can place an unopened can of beverage on my head and without using my hands, drink it.
2. The first time I had Chinese food I was in Copenhagen.
3. I can read Anglo-Saxon.
4. I danced in the street when Ronald Regan was first elected president.
5. I’m an AWS certified welder.


1. I have approximately six extra teeth in my mouth.
2. I have studied Spanish, French and Russian.
3. I was an intern in the Clinton Whitehouse.
4. I find clowns extremely disturbing( and I don't mean the Bush administration, I mean actual for real, red nosed, white make-up wearing clowns .)
5. I enjoy extreme remote wilderness camping.

Terri (a/k/a the girl who replaced Chrissy)


Blogger Blonde Justice said...

Oh my goodness, are you sure these aren't 4 falses and 1 truth?

1/27/2007 9:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Elvis thing seems too out there not to be true, but I'm going with it anyway.


Love your Neighbor

2/06/2007 10:12 PM  
Blogger Gideon's Guardians said...

Janet is related to Elvis!!!!

2/08/2007 3:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you tell me you have flashed someone at Mardi Gras, I will be very disappointed young lady! OK, so I don't know you as well as I thought. Maybe you haven't tipped a cow, though I believe you are gutsy enough to climb a water tower.

2/10/2007 9:17 PM  

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