Friday, September 08, 2006

Paraphilia Phriday 10.1

When it rains it pours...

TSG has an FBI obscenity complaint that covers a few more paraphilia:
coprophilia (from the greek kopros, excrement)
urolagnia (from the greek ouron, urine; and the greek lagneia, intercourse)
emetophilia (from the greek emetos, vomiting)
bukkake (from the Japanese verb bukkakeru, to splash)
fisting (from anglo-saxon, fyst)

George Grosz needs to come back from the dead and do a painting for this. He was a brilliant and utterly uncompromising critic of Weimar culture and politics. He's needed now, too. Perhaps a photo, split between an immaculate and stylish office where the distributor of these DVDs does business and the (literal) sh*thole where these movies are made.

But wait! There's more!:

Santa Barbara County sheriff's deputies come across a bizarre encounter at La Purisima Mission in Lompoc.
Around midnight they found a 69-year-old Huntington beach man naked and covered in oats.
Deputies say the man had covered himself in olive oil, rolled around in oats and allowed the horses at the mission to lick him clean.
He apparently told deputies this has always been a fantasy of his and drove up from the Los Angeles area to play it out.
Alfred Thomas Steven was cited and released for trespassing, animal cruelty and sexually assaulting an animal.



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