Thursday, September 07, 2006

Paraphilia Phriday 10

Today's news starts out like a stalker story.

Emo boy

(the comedian, not the fashion) longs for a pretty girl.
He's seen her picture in the newspaper.
He finds out where she lives,
enlists his friend Shaggy

and his (Emo's) brother Doogie

to help,
and the three head on over to the girl's place.
He also makes sure he's prepared,
bringing shovels and condoms.

Condoms? Isn't that a bit presumptuous?
And scary?

Shovels? Hunh?

Yes, shovels. You see, the picture was from her OBITUARY:

They had gotten down to the concrete vault by the time the police,
responding to a 'suspicious vehicle' call at the cemetery, arrived.

Yes, this week's word is Necrophilia.

Rosman and Resnick (1989) theorized that either of the following situations could be antecedents to necrophilia (pp. 161): ... He (usually male) is very fearful of rejection by women and he desires a sexual object who is incapable of rejecting him...
So he wasn't being the least bit presumptuous.
But definitely scary.

Full story at The Smoking Gun.

Today's Pop Culture reference has been sponsored by the Hoodoo Gurus.



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