Monday, July 17, 2006

Satire, Though Difficult, Still Exists

The current state of the Union makes satire rather difficult, because whatever the most cynical and over-the-top commentator can dream up will be announced as policy (or at least as a fait accomplit) by the Administration soon thereafter.
Enter Fafblog. Giblets, Fafnir and the Medium Lobster, through a secret process, condense the political miasma into a sweet and intoxicating liquor. (though they produce precious little of it)
Here's a sample:
Wednesday, July 12, 2006
Now They Hate Us With Our Freedom!
Giblets takes a few weeks away from the blog and the whole world goes insane! After four years of justly convicting Guantanamo prisoners of classified crimes before a fair and impartial kangaroo court of their peers, a power-mad Supreme Court has ruled that the military tribunals at Gitmo are "illegal" and that the president has to "obey the law." Well this is just the kind of dangerous radicalism that leads to fascism and human rights! What are we going to do with these people, try them in actual courtrooms with lawyers, juries and "evidence"? That way lies madness - or worse, democracy! If we give our enemies actual rights they'll turn the deadly power of our justice system against us, smuggling weaponized due process into American cities, crashing the Fifth Amendment into skyscrapers, setting off radiological writs of habeas corpus in Times Square!

It may not be the cure for what ails us, but it makes it go down better.



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