Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Soul for Sale

I was recently being candidate Jack and was asked, "Where is your practice?" and I told him, and he asked, "What kind of law?" I told him I was a public defender. And his shields went up. You could tell it in his expression, and he quickly turned away and walked off.
So, now I need to add something like, "I'm a public defender, which balances my time as a prosecutor in the Marine Corps."
Janet has suggested that I might also need to say I do criminal law rather than being a PD. Ugh. The idea that its necessary to take the sting out of representing accuseds and the Constitution by postfacing my answer with my prosecution time is bad enough, but I'm proud to be a public defender - I don't know if I'm willing to compromise that far.
Do prosecutors running for office ever feel compelled to give short shrift or excuse their time as prosecutors? I think not.



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