Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The War on Terror is Over!

At least the FBI thinks so. They're going to pull eight agents and a supervisor from elsewhere in the Bureau for the "War on Porn." This war on porn isn't against the kiddie stuff, but against the consenting adult stuff.

Maybe there needs to be a "Porn Threat Advisory" like Homeland Security's.
GREEN/LOW - Burqa time!
BLUE/GUARDED - Great Scott! Ankles and wrists exposed! For shame!
YELLOW/ELEVATED - Son, we don't take kindly to Sears Catalogue smugglers around here...
ORANGE/HIGH - Sir, I hope you have a Section 1421(d) researcher's permit to possess these unedited copies of historical National Geographic Magazines. (Irony alert: possibly NSFW)
RED/SEVERE - Rape! Rape and dismemberment! Incest! Genital mutilation followed by murder, pillage and rape! Offering virgin daughters to be raped! Pornographic poetry!

I wonder what a "Porn Threat" preparedness kit would have inside?



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