Thursday, September 15, 2005

Good Cop

I talked this week with a police officer friend who I haven't had a lot of contact with for about ten years (before he was a cop).
Right now he's on drug enforcement, which he doesn’t really like. He'd like to move to robberies, where there are 'real' victims, 'real' crimes, 'real' police work, 'real' bad guys and the resources to do good work.
But what he really likes is patrol. Patrol? Why? Its not sexy, its not high profile, its not career enhancing; its beginner stuff.
He likes it because on patrol, you get to help people. From kittens in trees, to being 'Solomon on the scene'. Being a part of the solution for people's problems, rather than compounding the problems.
Being a part of the 'serve' part of protect and serve that gets forgotten among all the searches incident to arrest for failure to signal a right turn.
A good man doing good things in a tough job. Thanks, Marcus.


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