Monday, October 17, 2005

October: trials, Octoberfest, and Halloween

I love October. It has Octoberfest which is an excuse to consume foreign beer and dance on a table like a chicken while the police are also standing on the tables (they don't dance) and leave basically everyone to the good times. I love this holiday. I'm not German so don't really know why we do the chicken dance but hell I support the Irish during St. Patrick's Day and their drinking of green beer. I have friends coming from across the United States to stay with me this weekend to enjoy the "cultural experience" ( yea I couldn't even type that with a straight face) Because of the festivities I spent the weekend cleaning up the yard and finishing redoing the kitchen that has taken a month and a half. The Judge ruled on Thursday to grant the State's motion for continuance on my murder trial so at least I didn't spend the weekend at the office refining cross examination. I also got started on my halloween costume. Love this holiday. I have had a Halloween party for the last three years and its slowly growing to monstrous proportions. I got a local organization that I belong to this year to sponsor it. So I get to throw a party without paying, score! Yes for a Monday morning I'm way too chipper. My comrades in arms, Jack (1 trial) and Chrissy (4 trials) are battling again this morning to see who will go to trial now that my first up murder has been passed. They both fought the valiant fight last week, so I know they're tired. Good luck out there and we'll keep a little luck for here too.


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