Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Satire or News?

The Onion has this news brief on a new rating system the MPAA has developed:
Working with evangelical Christian organizations such as Focus on the Family, the Motion Picture Association of America has developed a movie-rating system based on the laws of the Old Testament. "There was some concern that our existing system was neither strict nor specific enought," MPAA President Dan Glickman said. "Hence, such improved ratings as B-M21 [Blasphemy Only To Be Viewed By Males Over 21] for Finding Nemo, as it was only given to Adam to name the animals." The new ratings system will be instituted around Easter, at which time all producers of movies formerly rated NC-17 will be burned at the stake, their fields sown with salt, and their names cursed unto the ninth generation.
But the "CAP Movie Ministry," a "Ministry of the ChildCare Action Project (CAP): Christian Analysis of American Culture Ministry" beat them to it. From the "Offense to God" portion of the Chrinicles of Narnia review:

-half man, half goat character
-characters of flame dancing in fire
-magic to enter another world
-magic to make hot drink and cakes
-enticement of a child by evil
-many characters "frozen" (killed) by witch, repeatedly, then some resurrected
-magic potion to heal, repeatedly
-half man, half horse
-many other mythological creatures such as a man with a goat's head as characters
-speaking character of wisdom created from the petals of tree flowers (Gaiaism?), twice
-many demon-like characters
-demon revelry

And don't even mention this news item from the Onion:
"President Creates Cabinet-Level Position To Coordinate Scandals"



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