Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween weekend

This was a long weekend. I had friends that had come into town for the Halloween party. Since their family is from around here. I drove them to their hometown on Friday night. We went to the local football game. Granted I'm not from a small town and am not use to Midwest high school football, but the color commentator was the best I've ever heard. We arrived during the first quarter and the first announcement we hear is " If you have a red truck your alarm is going off and your dog doesn't like it" Ten minutes later , "the dog still is upset and really wants someone to turn off the alarm." five minutes later, "Don't worry the dog had enough and turned of the alarm" The next pause in the game, " everyone give a congratulations to Billy Ross he shot himself a deer last weekend." I spent the whole game waiting to hear what would come out of the loud speakers next.
The Halloween party went well. I'm tired and looking forward to a weekend without company.


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