Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Halloween and the NBA

I have finished the costume! finally! I think Halloween is always a good reflection of the past year. I've already heard that one person coming dressing as Tom Delay in prison gear, while another is coming in a life jacket and mardi gras beads. Alot of different stories have been important in the news. The most recent one concerns the NBA. Huge fan of basketball since I worked as a manager of a ncaa basketball program during college. Here's the goofy part, the NBA is mandating a dress code for the players while at sactioned events. The NBA is not asking the players for make overs just that they act like professionals. I remember when high schools mandated all players for all sports travel in dress attire to cut down on the behavior problems. College rules under the NCAA does not require this. How sad teenagers and the adults are the ones causing the problems. I thought college was the wild time in peoples lives.


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