Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Skelly and Meth Mouth have been paying more attention to meth lately, so I'll throw in a couple of tidbits:
This guy had his lab set up in the Baptist Church where he was a janitor.
And for different manifestations of punding...Bicycles? Arrowheads? Faugh! How about stealing an entire house? Not the insides, mind you, but the house. Brick by brick, shingle by shingle.

"But the home actually belonged to Dallas-based St. Ives Realty. A company representative called [Constable] Taylor on March 15 to report her house stolen.
"I said, 'Is it a trailer house, ma'am?'" Taylor recalled. "She said, 'No, it's a brick house.' I said, 'What?'"

OK, I guess the arrowheads and house stealing are not technically punding, though.
On the other hand, I've become convinced I must be a meth cook/addict too:
Looking for arrowheads? No, but crinoids, yes. Rebuild carburetors, check. Stay up late, check. Have scientific glassware and canning jars? Check. Red Phosphorus, coleman fuel, iodine, rubbing alcohol, sodium hydroxide, ether, muriatic acid, aluminum foil, plastic tubing, acetone, hydrogen peroxide, paint thinner, coffee filters? Check. Two-layer liquids? Check. (The kids were extracting plant pigments, honest!) Cold Tablets? No, actually, but around here, endeavoring to manufacture carries the same penalty as manufacturing. The State's proof doesn't even have to rise to the level of proving an attempt.

That being said, although most of us have enough household goods to be charged with at least endeavoring, I have yet to see the police bring a case where it wasn't painfully obvious that there was either a cook or gathering of raw materials for a cook at some other location.
Of course my client wasn't involved, and even if he/she might have been, the cops smelling an indefinable 'odor I have learned to associate with the manufacture of methamphetamine' is not an exigent circumstance authorizing a safety sweep of the premises to ascertain the presence of the 'deadly' meth chemicals.


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