Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I wonder if I can hand these out for the State's second closing argument at my next trial?

Clients are the same the world over, reprinted from "Things You Never Thought You'd Have to Tell Your Client," page 437.

Police seize man for naked rant atop a building, followed by his jumping 25 feet into a blackberry bush; the man is then "taken to the Whittington Hospital where he was sectioned." Ow. (Last sentence)

"Sgt. McDonald testified that, as he approached Mr. Muriel's car, his suspicions were aroused by certain features, such as the Illinois license plates, three police support decals affixed to the windows, a teddy bear on the dashboard and an American flag on the front of the vehicle. In his experience, Sgt. McDonald testified, such items are used to divert attention from illicit activity."
The 7th Circuit again, but no Judge Posner this time.



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