Monday, August 08, 2005

ncaa-leave my school alone

On Friday the NCAA ordered that eighteen schools will not be allowed to use their mascots in post play. My glorious alma mater was on the list and frankly I'm spitting mad. During my four years at the school, our Indian tribe that our school was named for had the Chief of the tribe come to the school at the beginning of the academic year and bless the school both for academics and athletics. Being named after the tribe, our mascot was the Indians. During my four years at the school, one of my friends actually served as the mascot and did so with honor. Our school has continued to have a good relationship with the tribe. Chief Chad Smith of the Cherokee Nation (former public defender)made a statement this weekend that he was finally vindicated that cartoonish mascots were finally being called to the mat. While I agree that some mascots have been stereotypical and offensive in the past, I think the NCAA did not look at each school on an individual basis. I don't believe that Chief Smith should speak for all tribes, unless he has contacted each and everyone of them. One of the reasons, I chose the school I did was because of the location and the relationship the school had with the tribe and the land, I'm Choctaw and Cherokee depending on what side of the family your looking at first and frankly I want the NCAA to rethink there position on this issue.


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