Wednesday, August 03, 2005

struck by lightening

Over the weekend, I went and saw "Must love dogs." I love Diane Lane and John Cusak and i'm a hopeful romantic so why not. It was funny, but it disturbs me that at the beginning of the movie after Diane Lane's character gets a divorce that her entire family show up with pictures of guys for her to choose from to get her to start dating. Men don't get this pressure, like women do at least i don't think they do. After breaking up with my boyfriend of six months the first question I was asked at a dinner party after hearing of the "demise of the boyfriend" was do we need to fix you up or are you still in mourning. Okay I was over the breakup in about 24 hours why, the shoe didn't fit. Not prince charming, so get over it and move on. I"ve never been one to dwell. But why the incessant need to move me on to new guy three days after a breakup. Then yesterday in the mail, I get a statue of St. Jude (for us non catholics thats the saint of hopeless causes) at first i thought is was for my number of clients but no it came with a book called Red-hot and cajun. Evidently this is sent to you when your meant to be married and called being struck by lightening. I'm even getting pressure over the mail system. Book was funny. Needless to say the statue is now looking over my files in the office and incidently two got dismissed today so maybe theres something to this whole Saint thing.


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