Thursday, November 30, 2006


i'm sitting here with my laptop in my lap thus the name laptop. This is what happens when i get snowed in. I do not deal with free time well. I'm due to start trial on monday but Jack isn't done beating up on the state's attorney so i guess i'm not going to have my wack. Its cold here. I think half of the country is covered in freezing rain or snow. I'm waiting for the local news to tell me whether or not I have to set my alarm in the morning. I have alot of work to do but yea really don't want to go out in this stuff. I have lived in many different areas of the country but they had one thing in common they were usually warm. Well since I'm a captive audience here's my movie review for the blogosphere out there as we approach a long weekend. "Bobby" is about a variety of people in LA the day that Bobby Kennedy was shot. It is a great character study. Worth a see. This was my intelligent movie. My not so intelligent movie was "Let's go to Prison" or something like that. Very Very dumb, you will laugh. Well is looks like everything in my area of the world is closed except my court house so i guess i better sign off and get ready to plow ahead to court tomorrow. grrr


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