Friday, December 15, 2006

Bootylicious Bad Girls

There was a post last week at The Wretched of the Earth on Courtroom Etiquette that a lot of my clients need to read, too - particularly the "Dress" sections.

I ran across this one today - Mom shows up for sentencing in a child endangerment case where she had her 12 year old son and 13 year old daughter take pictures of her in "nude seductive poses."
Guess what was written in Rhinestones on the left butt pocket of her jeans?
Booty and on the right butt pocket? licious
Yep, she went to jail.

I've seen a lot of people at the courthouse in their best Sunday T-Shirt, and enough Sunday Zoot Suits to tell people to wear job interview clothes rather than Church clothes.

My best clothes story is the witness/"victim" in a Kidnapping case - it was a girlfriend/boyfriend case where the girlfriend was going to get her probation revoked and maybe kids taken away of she was out with my client. So, she was "kidnapped" when she gave him a ride across town, with a non-physical argument on the way.
She shows up under threat of a material witness warrant and steps up to the witness stand wearing this T-shirt:



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