Thursday, December 08, 2005

remembering why i do this

Jack is still in trial and will put on his defense today and will close in the morning. Chrissy is out sick and i finished moving into my new office. Everything is hug on the walls and i can now function again as a lawyer. I had court yesterday were I represented a man who had been accused of breaking in to an automobile that had been disabled and parked in his apartment parking lot for the last two months. My client contended that he had just arrived home and was getting out of his vehicle when the sister to the owner of the disabled car came out and saw him and another hispanic male (who was in the car taking the speakers ou)t next to each other. My client had the unfortunate luck of parking right next to the vehicle in question. My client and his wife had paid over a thousand dollars to a bondsman to get my client out. The bondsman then told them they had to pay another thousand dollars to a specific attorney before he would bond them out. My client's wife came to the video arraignment and told the magistrate this story and the magistrate appointed them a public defender. We got him out on a service that allows individuals to not post a bond with the threat if they don't come back to court its an additional felony. My client came to court and even with the district attorney offering a plea agreement stuck to his guns and demanded his day in court. The case has now been dismissed. I had to explain through an interpreter that they were free to leave and the case was over. I haven't been hugged that much in open court ever. It's day's like this that remind me why i do this for a living. janet


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