Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Thanks for W., a DA, for telling me to submit a resume to the Boss here and for advising the Boss to give me a call.

Thanks for Mrs. Tripper and the Tripper kids who support me in following my calling and bearing the long hours apart, poor pay and pre-trial single-mindedness that they have to put up with.

Thanks for Originalist Christians like Nancy Harris, who forgave the man who killed her husband and their daughter.

"Because I value the gift of life and I know God forgives and loves all of us, especially you, Russell," Harris said, "I support a sentence of natural life."
"I really felt in my heart forgiveness," Nancy Eileen Harris said after the hearing. "I really know that if God can forgive him, why not me? That's where I am in terms of my faith and my understanding of life."
Mrs. Harris has more faith and love than I think I could have in the same situation. She is also a wonderful tonic for ecclesiastical activism that seeks to stand Christ on his head by invoking congruent satisfaction to ask "who would Jesus execute?" (To be fair, Tom isn't specifically discussing who would Jesus execute, but rather who would the Roman Catholic Church execute)

Thanks for sunsets with brighter yellows and deeper blues than even Maxfield Parrish could paint. Especially when you need it, like after you interview a guy accused of molesting his step-daughter, who is a month younger than your daughter.

Thanks for a job with good bosses, good colleagues and good pay.
Well, two out of three ain't bad.



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