Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Vengeance Gap

Saudi Arabia executed its 51st person for the year over the weekend.

The United States executed its 29th person for the year on Monday.

Great God! What are we to do? I suppose the New Testament will inform us how to kill more people! Oh. I guess not. At least not the copy I use.

Great YHWH! The Hebrew Scriptures have lots of great tips. Yet Israel has judicially executed only one person in all its modern history; Adolph Eichmann.

Great Allah! The Koran's tips apply mostly to unbelievers, but its jurisprudence is the same basic Fertile Crescent eye-for-an-eye model. But it's generally the fundamentalists in that religion, too, that are so focused on vengeance.

Oh no! The United States is suffering from a vengeance gap and a fundamentalism gap!

Thank God.



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