Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Karmic Balance

Steve at Ken's and Skelly been covering the lawyer who was kidnapped by one of his former clients over a case he handled 10 years ago: The guy felt his attorney had done him wrong all those years ago and wanted another day in court. (The attorney's OK)

But last week, an attorney kidnapped her former client from his own wedding to get him to pay her. That's a great thing about being in indigent defense. You don't have dun (or kidnap) your clients over money. (now, getting them to get a mental health evaluation? that's another story)

As for clients who want payback on their attorney, karma works there, too. We had a frequent flyer client who had threatened several of his attorneys, including a promise to rape one with a knife after she got him released on a misdemeanor. A couple years later, he gets killed by another one of our clients (with a knife) (client # 2 got a sweeeet deal)



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