Tuesday, December 27, 2005

this time of year

I think when you get to the Christmas season the courthouse slows down and you actually have time to think. I'm sitting here waiting on a DA ( I think i spend half of my life waiting on DA's) to call me so I can go over to there office and look at P0rn of the juvenile sort. I have a case set tomorrow involving it. On a side note, looking at child P0rn is bad enough but having to do it with the ada, that's just putting salt in the wound. Any hoo, I digress. I work for an awsome office. I was sick last week, which I never get ill. (honestly do any of us have time to be ill?) I went to the doctor and then went home to rest. I got a call every thirty minutes from someone in the office wanting to know if i was okay or needed food. You don't find law offices like this, hell there are public defender's offices that arn't like this. I'm lucky.


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